Bucha Effect is:

Roland: Drums, backing vocals.
Dave: Guitar, backing vocals.
Jum: Bass, lead vocals.



About the band.

Almost 30 years after the great Punk Rock Explosion and still believing that not being able to play or sing should be an obstacle to being in a band Bucha came into Effect in mid 2004 with Jum on guitar, Ambulance Tim on bass and Rolaaaand (ex Grange Hill) on drums, practicing in an old battery chicken shed. It should probably have ended there too, but they got a gig at the Breffni Arms on the Old Kent Road to an unlikely audience of scaffolders, paramedics and unfortunate friends. Not actually having a name at that time they took it from one of their earliest songs, about the disorientating and debilitating effects of light flashing at the same frequencies as brainwaves and how it was used as a form of torture. It seemed more than apt but they weren’t as shockingly awful as everyone expected.

By 2005 they had managed to trick Dave Soph (ex North London hardcore legends Trench Fever and Bad Vitamin) into playing lead guitar for a one off gig and he has been there ever since. The first highly uncollectable CD “Chicken shed Demos” was recorded and Tim left, replaced by Mr. Ben, also ex Trench Fever, 80’s Sheffield hardcore monsters G.G.F. (Go Get Fucked!) and Bad Vitamin.
By 2007 the second DIY CD, “Shit Hits The Fan”, was released. With gigs all over south London under their belts (and even a couple up north) international stardom beckoned with outings to USA, Pamplona and Hamburg.

By late 2009 the pressures of relentless touring and recording became too much for Mr. Ben and, swapping his Rickenbacker for a stick of asparagus, he left the limelight to spend more time with his laptop and go on holiday a lot.
Within a week John, the notorious landlord of the Grosvenor in Stockwell, had hooked them up with regular cider drinker and bassist monsieur Dee Saster (ex Terminal Decline, still in Electric Cocks). However the pace and excitement of being in two high flying punk bands took its toll and by early 2011 Dee left to concentrate on his Cocks.

So came the perfect opportunity to play as a 3 piece with Jum switching to bass, bigger strings and 33.3% less chance to go wrong, being only a minor (not a musical reference) influence on that decision. The new combination worked better than ever so they set about recording again, still in the true DIY style, back at the Chicken shed and in their bedrooms. The resulting CD, Colony Collapse Disorder, was finally released in September 2013 and is also available as a download, wrongly spelled on every website around the world


About the name.

A bucha effect is the name given to a fit induced by light flashing at high frequency. Dr. Bucha discovered it in the 1950s while investigating a series of unexplained helicopter crashes. A strobing effect caused by sunlight on rotating helicopter blades caused seizures in some pilots, resulting in a crash. This principle of strobing has since been used as a form of torture. Nice.